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Please make sure you read and understand these terms of use and policies. Placing an order through our website constitutes acceptance of these terms and policies.

Order Turnaround

Please read and review our turnaround policies page for information on how your order will be processed and when your turnaround will began. Current turnarounds can also be viewed on this page.

Review our Turnaround Page by clicking Here.


When you purchase an item through our website you are agreeing to abide by our terms. We do not issue refunds for any products purchased through our website. Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchase...once you make your purchase, the sale is final and no refunds will be issued. We may from time to time offer a store credit voucher that can be used to purchase other items in our Shopify theme store, if special circumstances arise and you can not complete your order. These will be approved manually on a case by case basis to determine if the issue and circumstance qualifies for store credit and only if delivery of order has not been completed.

Template Installation

Please provide the requested log in details with your completed questionnaire. Your order will not be added to our processing queue for customization and installation until we receive all requested details. No proofs are provided for pre-made designs.



Graphics and our finished page layouts are not to be resold, re-formatted, re-used, transferred, re-posted, given away, changed, revised, de-compiled in whole or in part for any reason by the client who purchased or any other party on their behalf. You are purchasing a license to use the design on the domain for which it was purchased. We reserve/retain all rights to the template design, graphics and coding.  You may only use the purchased templates and graphics included with it,  in the manner stated within the listing for your own website and the domain for which it was purchased and licensed.  If you need to use the template on a new domain, you will need to re-purchase the theme, as the purchase will include a new license for the new domain. The copyright and all other rights for the template design, graphics, layout, and coding remains with Mod Melon. Mod Melon does not release source or layered graphics with any of our templates or designs. You will receive the graphics in your purchased design customized with your details, but they will be in a merged web format(.png or .jpg) and they may only be used in the manner for which they were intended.

Please Note:
We will not use graphics created or utilized by other designers, due to the fact that we can not verify copyright and origin of the graphics. We will require that any design we create use either our own hand/mouse drawn illustrations/graphics or graphics we have obtained from one of our verified resources. This policy was created to insure that any design we deliver to our clients is 100% legal and compliant. The only exception to this is if you have a logo design to which you own the copyright. If this is the case, we will need to see a written statement to this effect from the logo designer before we will make the final determination of whether the logo can be used in our design.


All copyright links included in the theme footer, must remain as coded within the theme you purchase. Removing these links is against our terms of service. You are purchasing a non exclusive use license to use the theme within one domain-copyright for the theme remains with If you do not wish to have the copyright links within your theme, you must contact us and we will let you know if they can be removed from your theme and if they can there would be a $50 copyright removal fee license(this license allows you to remove the copyright links with approval from us, but does not pass or transfer copyright to you, we still retain the copyright to the theme design).

Graphics and our finished page layouts are not to be resold, re-formatted, re-used, transferred, reposted, given away, changed, revised, decompiled in whole or in part for any reason by the client who purchased or any other party on their behalf. If you need a matching design created for another use, please contact us for a quote as we normally offer discounts to our current or previous design customers. We do not allow our templates to be altered or changed from how they are delivered to the end client. You must keep the template design as it was delivered/installed.

The client controls the content for their site through the store admin area of their approved cart account. The client owns the copyright to the content they add to their site and they are responsible for this content. We retain all rights to the layout, coding, graphics(third party graphics and fonts are copyright to the licensor/font designer), design of our template and the home page collage if one was included with the template purchase.

The graphic images we use in our templates and designs have been created by Mod Melon or it's licensors. We take copyright infringement seriously, and any one caught abusing our policies will be required to correct the issue immediately. If we do not receive compliance from the offending party, the hosting company of the offender will be notified of the infraction. All credit links at the bottom of the design must remain in place for legal use of the design. The credit will be in the form of a link at the bottom of the design. All copyrights should be respected and upheld.

The designs on our website are copyright protected and any copying of design concepts, layout, coding, or graphics will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Pre-made designs do not come with proofs, if you need to see a customized proof of your theme before delivery of the files or installation(if you purchased this upgrade), please contact us for an estimate.


Mod Melon reserves the right to use your completed design and any additional graphics created for your design in our Portfolio as a representation of our past work experience.

It is the clients responsibility to make sure they have read, understand, and comply with our terms of service before completing their purchase.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any company or individual at our discretion.


We can only offer support for issues directly related to the coding within our template file. Please note that if you decide to make coding or graphic changes to our templates, that we can not offer free support for issues created as a result of changes made by someone other than our staff.

We will not be able to offer ongoing maintenance services if the client or a third party on their behalf have edited our original template file to create a new design. We do require that copyright for the original coding/concept and a link to our site remain in the template if you are using any portion of our original coding or design concept.

Affiliate Link Disclaimer

Some posts and content on our website may contain links to sites where have an affiliate account(i.e. We will only ever place an affiliate link to a business we have tested and trust and have used or use ourselves. 

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