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Theme Installation Info

Theme Installation

  • You will need to sign up for hosting with Shopify and have an active account. Follow the steps below to install the theme zip file within your Shopify account.
  • Log into your Shopify Store Admin.
  • Locate the Themes link within the left side menu column by hovering over and then clicking on Online Store. You will now see all of the Online Store links and one of them should be Themes, click on that link to go to the themes page. You are now on the main Themes page where all of your installed themes will show. The currently active theme will be largest and at the top.
  • At the top right of the Themes page is a button titled Upload a Theme, click on that.
  • After you click on Upload a Theme a popup will appear with an upload button tool. Click on that and browse to where you saved the theme zip file we sent you. Once you have it chosen, click on the upload button.
  • The system will now upload the zip file to your account and you should see it appear as one of your installed themes. To publish it as your sites theme, click on the Publish Theme button.

Theme Customizations

We have worked hard to build into our templates the most requested features of our clients and to make them available on the "Customize Theme" page. You will notice a button with the title Customize Theme within the themes box on the Themes page. Clicking this button takes you to a theme customization page where you can upload a different logo, a Favicon, your slide show photos, your promo buttons etc... All of these settings are editable by you on this customization page by filling in or uploading graphics. Click on each section to see what theme customizations you have available.
Each section will have instructions for what you are editing.


All link areas are controlled by you on the on the Customize Theme page. You can choose which of your linklists show in each area by choosing that link list from the drop down menu. Create your link lists under the navigation page and then once active, you can assign them to any of the link list areas by simply choosing the link list name on the Customize Theme page.


The text you see below the slide show and promo buttons is the text you have installed to your frontpage(found under pages in the left column).

Every section on the home page can be hidden, pick and choose which sections you want to have showing(there is a check box in the home page section where you can choose whether to show each section or not.


To have a product show up in the Featured Products area of the home page, you must assign/add it to the Frontpage collection. The Frontpage collection is active on all Shopify shops by default so that you can add products to it to be featured on the home page of your store.


This content is controlled through the pages area within your admin. The content is the content you enter on the Frontpage. You can also hide this section under the Customize Theme area if you do not need it.


Hide any slide from showing, upload your images, and choose where you want each slide to link to, all on the Customize Theme page.


Paste your profile urls for each social icon you want to show in the field provided on the Customize Theme page, want to hide an icon, just delete the url and it will be hidden automatically.
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